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Looking on the bright side of environmental disaster

Climate change. Taking the weather with you.

We are going to save the planet.  We are just not sure how.  That would seem to be the message from our political followers.

There is one minor flaw in this argument – especially when one looks at their track record on achieving anything – they will not save the planet.   Remember how the NHS has been saved? Just look at our education system – the best in the world. No doubt there.  A transport network that would make Roman road-builders jealous.  Our railways whoop the French TGV – and our replacement bus service is the best in the world.  International terrorism is now a long forgotten blemish, whilst the Middle East is the edenic paradise of Biblical times.  Only last week Lansley cured cancer.  Having made the world a better place, our brave boys in Whitehall are now going to save it.  Thank God for that.

Currently the Eric Pickles is of the opinion that the end of days can either be put off by people separating their rubbish and then collecting it fortnightly or not. Oh and building lots of atomic plants long after it is far too late to make a difference.

Let Gaia breath easy then.  We are saved and Cleggeron will get the SuperNobel Prize for being really wonderful whilst Mr. Nearly PMilliband can sleep easy at night and go back to improving diction.

The trouble with this is, as with all political issues, they are talking what is scientifically known as bollocks.  Looking on the bright side of environmental disaster will not make the disaster go away.

The policies, sorry, the presentation of the quasi-policies that fools the public into voting for the LibLaboTory party may well give the politicians and their followers a warm and cosy feeling inside.  The problem is that nature has a nasty tendency of, well, ignoring bollocks.  Any idiot can say the government has saved the NHS.  The same idiot can stand on an erupting volcano and claim that it is perfectly safe.  The former will get elected the latter will get dead.

The problem is we, the people, do not seem to care. And is it any wonder?  Every single thing we do is controlled or taxed or observed by government.  Walk down a town high street and see how many instances you can see of government making the mobile part of our lives better.  Policemen, traffic wardens, traffic signs, local government signs, litter signs, council staff, street lights, litter bins, road markings, roads, pavements, road tax, barriers, ambulances, road cones, Community Support Officers, road cleaners, seat belts, child seats, road works etc etc.

These are put in place just to allow humanity to achieve what it has achieved effortlessly – well, apart from the walking bit maybe – for thousands of years.  And that’s just transport.  And that’s just highways.  Factor government into all defence issues and food and health and education etc etc and see how wasteful and overbearing it is.

And after all these interferences this same government threatens us with penalties if we’re wasteful.  You couldn’t make it up. You can’t.  You can only elect people into office to achieve the level of profligacy that government bequeaths to us.

And having told us how to have babies and raise them and feed them and transport them and educate them and feed ourselves and get to work and drink responsibly and basically do what we evolved to do – they wonder why we are not as environmentally responsible as we ought.

So we are in a wonderful state at the moment; a government that desires to do ever more but with no appreciation of its limitations and a populace that can only do ever less with every appreciation of its limitations.

For example the British Government spends tax payers’ money to introduce health and hygiene legislation that result in best before dates going pfftt before it’s even sold and/or wrapping everything in six layers of protective packaging.  The British government then moans about the amount of garbage being thrown out and brings in legislation to pass on the cost of dealing with the used packaging to the consumer via councils.  Then they wonder why no one thinks they’re competent any more.

And we expect these morons to save the planet.

We had Blair then Cameron via Brown yakking on how they care more and do more for the environment while the CO2 figure continuously crept up.

There are two options: either we continue to use energy as we do now and produce it differently or we use much less energy.  And, apparently, we have less than 10 years to make the decision. And as far as I can remember we have always had “less than 10 years” to make this decision even in the 1970s when we were staving off ice-ages and nuclear winters.

Now, bearing in mind it took seven years to build Wembley, what chance do you think we have of achieving a realistic alteration to UK environmental policy?

So instead of actually doing what needs to be done, our brave boys in Parliament fiddle about with irrelevant recycling schemes and dual powered cars which just shift energy usage down the chain.

That written, it is still quaint to watch the world fret over things of such little consequence as Libya.  Even full scale nuclear release down that part of the woods is of little import compared what we are supposedly achieving tootling about in cars, piddling electricity down the drain as though it’s going out of style and shipping a load of crap that we don’t need all the way from China.

’Twas ever thus. The most significant environmental improvement that any recent government has achieved in the UK was closing down the coal industry and I don’t think many are of the opinion that dearest Margaret did this to save the pelt of the Polar Bear.

But this is the part that really gets me stuck.  According to the British Government Global Climate change is the biggest threat to humanity since the last biggest threat to humanity.  This is always World War II.  Now trawling through my history books I believe the US and Britain (and to be fair the nutty Soviets) defeated the evils of fascism by sacrificing millions of lives and immeasurable resources.  It was, to be blunt, bloody, hard work.  Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito were not repulsed and defeated by separating garbage and turning down the thermostat.

Surely then, if climate change is so big and bad it must require equally sacrificial measures?  Now let’s ask ourselves another question.  What chance is there of any democratic government wiping out their economy and impoverishing its populace on current climate change predictions?

Thus, we are left with two possible scenarios:

1)      Climate change is over rated.  We ignore the doom mongers and go on an Amish-style-experience-life-before-deciding-type blowout forever.

2)      Climate change is the worst thing ever and there is sod all that anybody will do about it.  We ignore the doom-mongers and go on an Amish-style-experience-life-before-deciding-type blowout forever.

And even if it is as bad as the worst predictions…who will cope with it better? The wealthy scientifically-advanced countries or the backward despot-run hell holes?

The chances are that the problems will not be as bad as the Ecoweenies would have us believe.  And if they are, well, bring it on.  Whenever the civilised world has truly been threatened, it has pulled through.  I bet we will again.  And let’s look on the bright side of this disaster.

No more reliance on the Middle East for our energy, no more giving them money and being forced to treat their countries as if they are real nation states. All the bunny-hugging snow boarders will have to move to Canada.  All the Labour loons will trundle off to the Third World to save everything that is about to go extinct.  China will be shafted so…. no more shoddy plastic crap being sold in our shops.  Al Gore will have made so much money he’ll never have to make another film.  And no more bitching about climate change.  The benefits are endless.


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