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Flogging a Dead Horse: Can we move on from the News of the World Scandal?

Hacked off with Hackgate?

The Hackgate saga goes on and on. Other important news is being buried and it benefits the Left and Murdoch’s media rivals. Ed Miliband now has something to drone on about to the detriment of parliament. Can we move on, please? Asks Luke Graystone.

Another day, another News of the World story. Now it seems that the Murdochs, among others, are to be given a summons to appear before Members of Parliament on Tuesday. This follows yesterdays story that News Corp. would be pulling out of its BSkyB takeover plans.

It is looking increasingly likely that we will not be hearing the end of the “Watergate”-type disaster (as the Independent have dubbed it) for the government. Not that it is surprising to hear the Independent is blaming this government for the neglect of the last one. I simply do not understand why everyone is determined to make this into such an ongoing story. Yes, the News of the World most likely acted illegally, and now the full force of the law has been brought in those people in charge will be held accountable. Now we should just await the outcome, and in the meantime move the gaze of the rest of the media back to more important stories

For instance, there was an earthquake in the English Channel this morning, the biggest for three centuries. That’s pretty newsworthy, right?

But no, when I checked my favourite websites this morning the top ‘news’ story was, again, that MPs weren’t too pleased with the way that the News of the World had operated. I say ‘news’ here with a certain generosity of spirit. It seems that a story such as this brings out the repetitive nature of politicians and mainstream media alike. At Prime Ministers Questions yesterday, I became bored listening to Milliband the Younger flatly ignoring the unconventionally blunt answers the Prime Minister was giving him. I counted – for as long as I could bear to watch – three times the following question: “Should the Prime Minister have hired Andy Coulson given the nature of his former involvement with News of the World?”

The answer, on each occasion he was asked for it, was that he took assurances given under oath that Mr Coulson was not directly involved in the scandal. The Prime Minister even went as far on one occasion of saying that he could reciprocate with similar questions to the man opposite about names such as Tom Baldwin and Damien McBride.

Cameron confirmed that there was now a full enquiry planned – which he went on to announce – and if he had been lied to, it was a matter for prosecution and, if possible, conviction. Should this not be the end of it? One can not help notice that, mano-a-mano, Milliband cannot match Cameron for sheer audacity, transparency or style [Editors Note: Cf. Is David Cameron losing his mojo at PMQs]. Even with the usual lefty newspapers lining up the firing squad, the Prime Minister shows remarkable leadership – a quality I haven’t been aware of in a political leader in my (admittedly short) lifetime.

I for one trust David Cameron’s word on the matter, and eagerly await the outcome of the enquiry. That being said, can we talk about something else now, please?


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