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Dear Boris, Mayor of Jo’burg


Joburg, police fire rubber bullets...

Dear Boris,

I wonder what our friends in the Middle East and the Maghreb are calling the riots that are diffusing through London and now the other cities of the country? The Albion Spring? The Rose Revolutions? Seeing as the English people are so unhappy with their government, would it not be fair to expect the Syrians or the Yemenis to lobby the wicked British government to stand down? I jest, of course.

I saw on the news a story about a young couple whose flat above a London shop was torched in the London Riots (or should we name them the August Riots, as they are no longer confined to London?) She is a violinist whose violin was saved from the conflagration; he is a guitarist. They announced that London is no longer a place they wish to live in. At the end of the newsclip the young couple were shown making a staged, symbolic exit towards the horizon; he with his guitar case slung over his shoulder.

I sympathise. I sympathise with anyone who is the victim of such mindless crime. But I must also confess to a wicked thought: I bet they are the very liberals who moved to that very part of town because they wanted to live somewhere urban and “edgy”.

It doesn’t matter, they are leaving now. Some of us, however, did not need our exeunts prompted by mass vandalism, conflagration and violence. Some of us have already moved farther and farther away from the city because we knew a long time ago what a hideous place our once great capital has become.

Mark my words Boris, you might as well be the Mayor of Johannesburg as the Mayor of London. Worry all you like about whether the buses bend, but I suggest you heed this prophecy: The decent, gentle, law-abiding citizens of London will grow ever more weary of their dilapidated, squalid and degenerated city that they will form a mass-exodus. What you will be left with will be the scum, the detritus. Try running a city that consists of only the hardened, the lawless, the violent, the savage, the mindless and see where it gets you.

For it is an indication of the time and of the city in which we live that the spur of these riots was the killing of someone known euphemistically as a “gangster”. Admittedly, Mark Duggan’s veneration and martyrdom did not last two nights, but the point is that our sewer-bound culture can use the killing of a gangland criminal as justification to torch and smash a city, and ruin the businesses and jobs of innocent people – As well as to intimidate the residents who live along the thoroughfares of the riots.

The only thing that choruses louder than the sounds of tumult are the calls for more money. Curious, don’t you think, that its both the criminals and the police who cry for more lucre? This, in part, is what is wrong with our society: That we believe problems can be solved by throwing money at them. This is a legacy of fifty years of liberal-left thinking. The criminals and their apologists on the housing estates, and in the plush liberal quarters, think that the government is to blame because of the cuts, or because of the price of housing, or because of some other example of excuse-addicted, casuist thought.

No one in Britain is monetarily poor. Everyone earns – or is provided in benefits – enough to survive on and be comfortable. There is, however, a great deal of moral poverty in Britain. Moral poverty cannot be redressed by giving more and more money. To do so is to financially reward immorality. Financially rewarding immorality begets immorality. Two things would improve the moral poverty of this country: The reintroduction of the tripartite schooling system and the reinstitution of Christian morality.

As much as you may not like to hear it: Our moral code, the moral code that survived successfully one-and-a-half millennia, was entirely Christian. Take a bulldozer and wrecking ball to our Christian edifices and what you get is moral squalor.

As for the police, their familiar cries of “more money”, “more resources” are tiring. The police have more money and more resources than they need. The overarching problem with the police force is this: Most of its officers are plain thick. Most policemen I have met either do not know the law or cannot be bothered to enforce it.

We do need more police officers on the street, walking the beat. First we need to re-educate and re-moralise our society so that the police force is staffed with keen-minded, conservative, working-class men. Only then will they be any use walking the beat. And how we need police to walk the beat, as they once did before the 1960s revolutions; before Roy Jenkins pushed through his police reforms. Law & Order works best when used as a deterrent. The presence of a policeman walking the beat will deter crime. Putting police on the scene of a riot, halfway though the riot or, actually, after the riot is not much use at all.

Seeing the police after the event, in their thousands, is frustrating. We tend to see the police in such vast numbers when they are acting as the military-wing of the government. That is, they are used increasingly to martial political events or terrorist incidences. It is no wonder that thick policemen are seduced to see themselves as too special to deal with the small crimes that blight people’s lives. It is only since the riots became a Big Thing, since they had political repercussions, since they became a large-scale event, that the police have been deployed effectively.

I cannot pass off the entire ineffectiveness of the police onto the bluntness of their intelligences. Blame must be apportioned to the Scarman Report and the Macpherson Report. Both of these reports lazily and conveniently cited racism among the police force either causing a problem (i.e., the Brixton riots) or failing to properly prosecute criminals (i.e., the murderers of Stephen Lawrence). Because of the liberal thinking that pervades the police force, the police are increasingly afraid to deal with problems that have definite demographic characteristics (cf. when I fly planes I see airport authorities briskly ordering doddery eighty-year old white women to remove their shoes in case they are harbouring bombs – just to avoid the accusation that there is a demographic which is more likely to perpetrate terrorist atrocities).

Black communities, especially, have been abandoned by the police because of the very political correctness that was supposed to improve their lot. That is not to say that the riots are “about” race. They are not. The riots just feature a significant population of young, black people from areas that have been left lawless by the police. The riots are entirely about culture, not race. This is why these riots have spread to other cities with varying racial proportions but with equally large underclasses. The riots appeal to the thugs, white, black and skybluepink, who form our underclasses.

I doubt, Boris, that the Tories can do much to improve the under-classes because they are not willing to overhaul our education system or re-moralise our society or instil them with a Protestant work-ethic.

I suppose, as the riots have spread around the country, I should address this letter to Dave instead of you. But he’s even more useless.



PS. Users of Twitter and Facebook have helped fan the flames of the riots. This is why I don’t think that our politicians should pay too much mind to the Arab Spring Revolution just because a few young people with Facebook accounts want to overthrow their own governments.

About James Garry

James Garry is a political writer and commentator. He is the chief editor of Poltics On Toast a political magazine with a right-wing editorial bias. He believes that Britain should return to social, moral and political conservatism and that the changes since the 1960s Cultural Revolution should be undone. He wants out of the European Union and he wants capital punishment visited upon murderers, rapists and drug dealers. He is not a Thatcherite or a free-marketeer. He considers David Cameron and the rest of the Tory brigand to be liberal imposters. His other writings can be found on his personal blog James Garry on Politics in Britain and Hackeryblog


5 thoughts on “Dear Boris, Mayor of Jo’burg

  1. Well said James.
    In order to answer your question about what the Arab’s think, Libya’s FM said
    “Cameron and his government must leave after the popular uprising against them and the violent repression of peaceful demonstrations by police…Cameron and his government have lost all legitimacy…These demonstrations show that the British people reject this government which is trying to impose itself through force.,,,UN Security Council and the international community not to stay with its arms crossed in the face of the flagrant violation of the rights of the British people.”
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, according to reports, agreed with this sentiment!

    Posted by Alex Patnick | August 12, 2011, 10:38 am
  2. Great piece. You have to enjoy the self-flattering delusion Libya and Iran are employing to compare their state to ours. Nobody but them can be taking it seriously.

    Posted by danieldeanwillis | August 13, 2011, 5:59 am


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