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James Garry – Chief Editor James Garry is the editor of Politics On Toast. He established Politics On Toast to give aspiring young right-wingers an outlet for their political philosophies and also to challenge the left-wing domination of Britain. James’ personal political philosophy is one of social and cultural conservatism. View James Garry’s articles
Wes Brown Arts and Culture EditorWes Brown – Arts & Culture Editor Wes Brown is the Arts & Culture editor of Politics on Toast. He is a novelist, blogger and political commentator based in Leeds. Wes is a classical liberal and aesthete, advocating intellectual and aesthetic standards in the humanities and social sciences.View Wes Brown’s articles | Buy Wes’ debut novel Shark from Amazon
A.P. SchraderA.P. Schrader – Politics Editor A.P. Schrader is a member of the Conservative Party and generally adheres to the ‘High Tory’ tradition. He is a passionate supporter of our constitutional monarchy and a staunch defender of an appointed House of Lords. View A.P. Schrader’s articles
Christian WalkerChristian Walker – Defence and Security; Chinese and US politics. Christian is a graduate in International Relations. His primary interest lies in British foreign and defence policy, as well as US and Chinese politics. View Christian Walker’s articles
Daniel WillisDaniel Willis – Foreign Affairs Daniel Willis is currently an undergraduate in Politics and International Relations with a focus on Middle Eastern and Islamic Politics. He holds that individual liberty is sacrosanct, that religion has no place in the political domain and that the monarchy are an obsolete, undemocratic institution. View Daniel Willis’s articles
Chris SmithChris Smith – Political Left & Marxism expert Chris received his Masters in International Relations on 22/7/2011 from the university of East Anglia where he conducted research into the relationship between religion and international relations, particularly the Christian Right and US foreign policy. He is greatly interested by the history and use of political ideas, regarding himself as a Marxist adhering to Marx’s motto that everything should be questioned. Thomas Paine is his biggest inspiration, View Chris Smith’s articles
Christopher WheelerChristopher Wheeler – Political Analyst Christopher is a History graduate.  His primary interests are British and US Politics. View Christopher Wheeler’s articles
Paul BrannonPaul Brannon – Civil Service Expert Paul is a communications professional who’s seen the best and the worst of working in the European Parliament, Civil Service, and is now working in government PR. View Paul Brannon’s articles
shachi amdekarShachi Amdekar – Cartoonist Shachi Amdekar is a graduate in Economics from Durham University. Areas of interest include British Economic and Political history, Imperialism and Development Policy. Her views are moderate and Keynesian, and her approach caustic. A mere observer of the many ineptitudes and rare triumphs depicted in today’s affairs.
luke cahillLuke Cahill – Religion Editor Luke studied in London where he recieved a MSc in US Contemporary History and Foreign Policy. He also has an interest in religion, especially the Catholic Church and its labyrinthine inner workings and politics. View Luke Cahill’s articles.
sylvia mishraSylvia Mishra – Political analyst for Indian affairs Sylvia’s area of focus are India and Pakistan studies and also Iranian politics.  View Sylvia Mishra’s articles.

To contact Politics On Toast’s editorial desk call +44(0)7875 282 269 or email us.

Other Staff:

  • Alex Patnick – Writer
  • Colin Marsden – Writer
  • Charles Brickdale – Writer
  • David Vaiani – Writer
  • Ellis Wiggins – Writer
  • Harry Raffal – Writer
  • Hugh Corbett – Writer
  • Huw Longton – Writer
  • Jason Holmes – Writer
  • J Britain – Writer
  • Lena Miteyko – Writer
  • Luke Graystone – Writer
  • Matthew Roberts – Writer
  • Nicola Bradshaw – Writer
  • Olivia Jackson – Writer
  • Politics Preacher – Writer
  • George Vassilev – Writer
  • William Sharman – Writer & Video Blogger
  • Sarah Essa – Writer
  • Simon Emmett – Writer
  • The Currer Ball – Writer, Satirist
  • Ventilator Blues – Writer, Satirist

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