I am a freelance researcher, writer and editor in Sheffield, with a keen interest in defence, security, intelligence and conflict. I am looking to move onto postgraduate study in counter-terrorism and national security in the next couple of years.
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Time for a cigarette: How smokers are being persecuted

smoking ban

Smoking ban: Too heavily policed?

A group of five American tobacco companies have sued the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over the graphic warnings that are placed on the cigarette (and presumably other tobacco products) packaging. Their argument? The images are part of a wider FDA plan to curb smoking in the US, which requires companies to promote the government’s anti-smoking agenda – which the tobacco Continue reading

Degree Debt: Is £60K too much?

university cuts

university cuts: like them or lump them

With university fees set to rise to unprecedented amounts, opponents of the fees rise predict unfavourable consequences. However, universities are oversubscribed and many university courses are unnecessary. Could the fees hike see the return of a more concentrated, academic higher education system with dedicated students? Claire Porthouse enquires. 

Reports have emerged in the media stating that university students now face debts of up to £60,000 after the tuition fee hikes. It is hardly news that the debts would rise, nor, really, should it be news that the rise is a Continue reading

Yingluck Shinawatra is a woman – and it doesn’t matter

Yingluck Shinawatra

Yingluck Shinawatra

Yingluck Shinawatra is Thailand’s first female prime-minister. She has a difficult job to do. Claire Porthouse reports.

Thailand has just achieved the feminist milestone of its first female prime minister – and finally the media coverage has its priorities right.

Having a female leader is a milestone in feminist terms. In fighting for equal rights for women, most feminists would also fight for an equal chance to have a female leader as they would a male one. Much of the coverage about the US elections that brought Barack Obama into power Continue reading

What the Tottenham riots have shown us

Tottenham Riot

Aftermath of the Tottenham Riot

The police are being criticised for the killing of “gangster” Mark Duggan. Claire Porthouse presents the case that the police were right to shoot Duggan and that the rioters were wrong and unjustified in their actions.

The Tottenham riots have done nothing to protest against the police shooting on Thursday; instead, all the ‘protestors’ have done is to outline, very clearly, why the police are so badly needed in this country. Continue reading

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