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The Tories were right: our society is broken

hopeless youths

A lack of hope is only part of the explanation

The August riots prove that David Cameron is right: Britain is broken. The question is this: how do our politicians fix it? David Vaiani reports.

Judging by the scenes of mayhem on our television screens, it is probably safe to assume that David Cameron will not be feeling the urge to hug a hoodie any time soon. Nor, one suspects, will he be exhorting others to do so, as he once did. All the same, David Continue reading

Housing benefits: social cleansing or social engineering?

Council Houses

Council Houses

Social housing costs £15 billion a year. The governments cap on benefits will still provide enough rent to afford suitably sized accommodation. When a lot of this money goes towards socially engineering entire communities, a rethink about social housing is deserved, writes David Vaiani.

Last week the government’s housing benefits cuts were challenged in the High Court. Lawyers representing the Child Continue reading

Boris vs Dave

David Cameron and Boris Johnson

David Cameron and Boris Johnson

Boris Johnston has a history of contradicting his leader, David Cameron. During the Hackgate scandal, Boris has failed to provide unequivocal support to Cameron. Just what is he playing at? Asks David Vaiani. 

Just when you thought he’d learned his lesson, Boris does it again by putting his size 10 foot right back into it. Not content, seemingly, with ruffling a few feathers at a recent Tory Party Conference with his call for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, the Mayor of London has, once again, managed to irritate Downing Street, by failing to provide the unequivocal support over ‘Hackgate’ that the PM, quite understandably, demands. This is what Boris had to say, when questioned by Continue reading

The The EU’s strong nations can’t sustain its weak nations – No matter what the Germans say

Another Greek bailout

The weak Greek economy is to be bailed out once again. Instead of allowing the Euro to crumble, the Germans fight to keep the Euro together. There is evidence of strong economies upholding weak: West Germany sustained the East, the West of Turkey sustains the East, London sustains the North. But the strong Euro nations cannot sustain the weak ones because they do not share a culture, identity or language, writes David Vaiani. 

So, once again, EU leaders have clubbed together to bail out the Continue reading

Oxbridge admissions: it’s a game of numbers, not class warfare

Oxford University

State schools are failing to get their children into Oxbridge. The Left, incorrectly but unsurprisingly, blame this on the class-system. Could it be that state schools are failing their children because they do not have the same culture of success & aspiration? Asks David Vaiani

Recently, the Sutton Trust published a report in which it demonstrated that a total of five schools have, of late, dominated the annual Oxbridge intake. According to the Trust’s figures, Eton, Westminster, St Paul’s Boys & Girls and, perhaps somewhat incongruously, Hills Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge, sent more of their pupils to Oxbridge than 2,000 other schools combined between 2007 and 2009. Continue reading

Why Ed Miliband will never be PM

Ed. Red. Too red.

Ed Miliband is doing something wrong. Largely anonymous as opposition leader, serious doubts are raised about his ability to lead the country. Not that Prime-ministership is on the horizon. He’s too political, too burdened by his Marxist upbringing and too bound up with the unions, writes David Vaiani. 

There are, of course, countless reasons. Indeed, the difficulty is to know where to start. However, it is Miliband’s past that holds the key to his future. Quite apart from convincing his own party to support him, a prospective candidate for Number 10 must be able to appeal to a broad range of voters. As public support for political parties continues to ebb away, he must also liberate himself from the narrow confines of his own party. Continue reading

Should there be a right to strike?

Going on strike...

It is not easy being a Londoner these days. The city, despite all its evident charms and attractions, is becoming increasingly expensive, crowded, polluted and noisy. The housing market has been disfigured thanks to a toxic combination of city bankers and large-scale immigration, not to mention a reluctance on behalf of government to build more affordable housing across the capital. Moving around town has also become nigh on impossible.

Indeed, it is this last problem which has become almost too intolerable for words. Not content with providing quite possibly the worst and almost certainly the most expensive underground service in Europe, tube workers have threatened Londoners with strikes on and off now for the best part of two years. Continue reading

Focusing on internships and interviews will not halt the decline in social mobility

The Lib Dems just can’t help themselves. As soon as they see something which they view as ‘unfair’, their first and immediate instinct is to legislate against that perceived ‘injustice’. So, when Nick Clegg notices that the privileged and privately educated offspring of wealthy parents (people like him, as it happens) bag most of the top internships, he immediately rushes out to condemn “the sharp-elbowed and the well-connected” who, apparently, have somehow conspired to destroy the aspirations of the less well-off in society. This, for those of you who tend to change the channel whenever our Deputy Prime Minister hoves into view, is what Mr Clegg had to say about internships: Continue reading

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