I am a current student of Charterhouse interested in Politics and Economics. This blog gives me the opportunity to voice my opinion and view other bloggers views.
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Given a choice between the environment and the economy, we must choose the environment

The environment

The environment must be protected

Five years on from An Inconvenient Truth and the explosion of environmental concern, Lena Miteyko provides a timely reminder of why we need to return to Al Gore’s message and save our environment from disaster – even if it means deprioritising the economy. 

Which side do we take? Do we veer towards maintaining the beauty and well being of the Earth, or do we concede to the attraction of Continue reading

Barack Obama: American Friend or Foe?

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Barack Obama has been America’s president for over two years now. During his election campaign he was full of charm and excellent rhetoric. The appeals of “hope” and “change” won him support throughout America and the world. Has his presidency fulfilled its promise? Lena Miteyko investigates. 

Barack Obama – a man hailed for his breathtaking oratory skills that eventually saw him come through victorious in the US Continue reading

Hartz Concept and the German Social System

Hartz IV

Hartz IV is Germany’s divisive welfare programme. It involved the consolidation of unemployment and welfare benefits. Some argued the new singular benefit was too low. However, the programme still encourages people to live off benefits when they are able to work. What with bailing out Greece, can the Germans also sustain its current benefits system, asks Helena Miteyko.

The Hartz concept is a term for the Commission’s proposals “Modern Services in the labour market” which was held in Continue reading

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