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The Riots: enough is enough, arm the police

Riots, Hackney

Police, Hackney

The riots in London are abating, but the thuggery has spread to other big cities around the country. Luke Graystone recommends arming the police and giving them carte blanche to fire.

Well, I’ve held my tongue for far too long already.

This unprecedented outbreak of violence, particularly in London, has Continue reading

Flogging a Dead Horse: Can we move on from the News of the World Scandal?

Hacked off with Hackgate?

The Hackgate saga goes on and on. Other important news is being buried and it benefits the Left and Murdoch’s media rivals. Ed Miliband now has something to drone on about to the detriment of parliament. Can we move on, please? Asks Luke Graystone.

Another day, another News of the World story. Now it seems that the Murdochs, among others, are to be given a summons to appear before Members of Parliament on Tuesday. This follows yesterdays story that News Corp. would be pulling out of its BSkyB takeover plans. Continue reading

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