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A 24 year old communications professional with a passion for words, photography, Romanticism, politics, and strong coffee. I am awesome. Everyone agrees. Except the squirrels. Fickle fickle squirrels. ppb1987 (at) me (dot) com for more. Unless you're a squirrel.
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Should Britons own guns?

British Guns

So Unbritish...

Should British people have the right to bear arms just like our American friends? Or is it just too… un-British? Paul Brannon suspects the latter.

On seeing the breaking news about a “shooter” being spotted on the campus of Virginia Tech, the American university which saw 32 of its students gunned down in 2007, my colleagues and I began postulating about America’s obsession with guns, and the culture which underpins it. Continue reading

Should Britain’s intelligence agencies face increased pressure over transparency?

MI5 Logo

The flaws of the Intelligence agencies were exposed by reports of their collusion in torture of terror suspects. There have been calls for more bureaucratic interference in the Intelligence agencies. Paul Brannon asks is it right that Britain’s Intelligence agencies should face increased pressure over transparency?

No, being the short answer. The Intelligence and Security Committee which oversees the work of Britain’s intelligence agencies says it is “out of date” and should be given greater powers across the whole spectrum of the intelligence gathering process, and the ability to oversee operational matters. Continue reading

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