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North Korea: Bringing the nuclear issue to the 21st century

North Korean Army

The North Korean Army

As North Korea taking strides to become a major nuclear power in the world, and Iran grows in threat towards Israel, could China be the diplomatic force to broker stability in these regions? George Vassilev reports. 

So the talks between North Korea and USA finished on the 30th of July. Both countries agreed that it was constructive, and ‘business-like’. But looking beyond this, one wonders whether the most important issue of the human race is really being taken seriously. Continue reading

South Sudan – The revelry and perils for a new nation

Sudanese refugees

On the ninth of July, the former Republic of Sudan split to form Sudan and the new Republic of South Sudan. It is inevitable that some people will disregard this ‘unimportant nation’ as no news of any concern at all but I think that is pitifully naïve, and here is why. First, before it split, it was the largest country in Africa, with a potentially huge emerging market for businesses and entrepreneurs who were willing to go into the warzone. Secondly, since the current president of Sudan (the old president of the two combined countries) is wanted for crimes against humanity and genocide against the South Sudanese.

This split is, if nothing else, a triumph of diplomacy to avoid such mass scale killings. Thirdly, the combined international importance of the oil wealth in South Sudan alongside being blacklisted by USA as a sponsor of Continue reading

Europe – How do you solve a problem such as Greece?

The important thing for Europe is for it to be defined once and for all. Churchill called for a United States of Europe, Schuman created the gradual approach, and de Gaulle opposed any federal encroachment. And this was only the beginning… In short, do we want a federation or a confederation? In this blog we consider the impact of the possibility of Greece defaulting, and this author suggests its eventual removal from the Eurozone, as well as setting out guidelines for future similar situations.

In the short term, the EU needs to make sure if any country is in danger of defaulting, or exceeds limits on its deficit, that there are systematic measures taken. Also, in much the same way as there are limits on deficits, there should be limits on debt given, so that countries know what awaits them. Continue reading

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