I am a 17 year old student attending a sixth form college in Suffolk. I have a keen intrest in politics and world affairs. I am also affiliated with the Conservative party and share many of thier ideas and opinions. I specialise in British political activity.
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Cameron wipes the slate clean: Fixing Broken Britain?

David Cameron at a youth centre

David Cameron at a youth centre

Following a troubled week of riots across London and other major cities in England the Prime Minister has announced that every government policy will be under review to make sure that they can fix a “broken society.” But how will these changes in Government policy actually be implemented? William Sharman investigates.

David Cameron has promised today that tackling the “broken society,” will be top of the agenda and that he will speed up plans to improve Continue reading

Belly dancing, Doctor Who and the Roman Empire – do civil servants actually work?

Dilbert Cartoon

Typical civil servants, huh?

In a release of information the Department for Transport has disclosed a list of the 1000 most visited sites by its civil servants. Belly dancing, Doctor Who and Roman Empire websites were among the most popular but in a time of spending cuts is it right for these civil servants to be wasting time and money? William Sharman asks.

In a country where both public and private sector spending is being heavily cut in order to repair the mistakes of the previous Labour Government you would imagine that everyone is working hard and Continue reading

Dave and George, 100% happy?

George Osborne

George Osborne: 100% behind the PM?

Following a shrink of 0.3% in the UK economy from last quarter and reports of friction between the No. 10 and the Treasury, the PM has issued a statement saying he is 100% behind his Chancellor’s growth plan. But just how strong is the relationship between George Osborne and David Cameron? William Sharman investigates.

0.2% was the reported growth of the UK economy between April and Continue reading

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