My name is Robert Bayliss and I am a History graduate from the University of Brimingham. I have sympathies with the policies of the Conservative Party. I think unions are the biggest trouble makers in the political arena and in it for their own ends, Marxism is a venomous doctrine that teaches people to hate people who work hard and I believe we should leave the EU, scrap the human rights act and in prison life should mean life. I love football and am an Aston villa season ticket holder.
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The UK Riots: A Simple Case of Jealousy and the Problems of Democracy


The recent UK riots in no way can be justified. Indeed, those who seem to be justifying are left leaning ‘experts’ or so called liberals. What the riots have made apparent is this way of thinking needs to stop. Indeed, if we continue on this path then it may be the case that scum in society may get away, literally, with murder.

The riots were not disaffected young people trying to Continue reading

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