Sean McHale is a graduate in History & Law. He is a classical liberal and keen critic of state-sponsored multiculturalism. His articles will be written through the lens of promoting individual liberty and limiting the role of the state in the lives of individuals. You can follow him on Twitter at
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Why Liberty are right to work alongside the police

Shami Chakrabati, of Liberty

Shami Chakrabati, of Liberty

Liberty have come under attack from various left-wing groups for working with the police. Sean McHale offers his defence of Liberty.

Liberty, the independent campaigns organisation which seeks to protect civil liberties and promote human rights for everyone has been under attack over recent months from a series of left-wing groups (including Fitwatch and Network for Police Monitoring) who hold Continue reading

David Starkey Adopted the Language of the Left

David Starkey

David Starkey

By treating race and culture as synonymous, is David Starkey committing the same error as the Left? Sean McHale asks.

Similar to many forays into the tropes of politics and race, David Starkey’s incursion proved to be less successful – possibly for his career and certainly in terms of astute analysis.

His intentionally provocative elucidation that “whites have become black” was undoubtedly wide of the mark. He wasn’t off the mark as Owen Jones (Author of “Chavs”) accused him. (Jones accused Starkey of seeing “Black culture” Continue reading

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