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Right of Reply: Capital punishment does not contradict Christian scriptures


The capital execution of christ

The debate about capital punishment continues. James Garry wrote an article in support of the death penalty, while A.P. Schrader issued a rebuttal claiming that capital punishment cannot be justified, especially on Christian grounds. In this piece, Garry replies to Schrader that the scriptures do allow capital punishment.

My debate with Mr Schrader took an interesting Biblical turn, which I want to make the main thrust of this argument. A few things beforehand:

Mr Schrader suggests that capital punishment supporters carry a card Continue reading

Skunk shops in suburbia: Who said cannabis was illegal?

Cannabis Leaf

The garish cannabis motif

Cannabis smoking is effectively legal. Possession of cannabis is often excuse with a limp “cannabis warning” and it is unashamedly smoked in the open. Yet the cannabis lobby continues to shout the cannabis use is persecuted. With skunk shops opening on suburban streets, James Garry cares to disagree. 

In the nondescript suburbia where I live, there is probably an Acacia Lane. Every suburbia needs an Acacia Lane to lend it a quaint Englishness. I have just checked the map and, indeed, there is a street bearing the name of the acacia. There are also Continue reading

Mass immigration, sexualised children, cheap booze: Are free markets really right-wing?

We sell it because someone will buy it

There is a persistent association between free-markets and the political right. James Garry challenges this orthodoxy and argues that free-markets help to continue the effects of the 1960s cultural revolution.

The Conservative Party is a left-wing party. As my Politics On Toast colleague ventilatorblues wrote earlier last week: there is no difference between the Tories and the left . Yet there are still people who refuse to admit, in spite of the Tories embracing of egalitarianism via the comprehensive school and waging liberal interventionist wars, that they are a party of the right. Continue reading

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