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Harry’s Five Of The Week – Cyprus, Internet Surveillance, Hillsborough, DNA & MoD

Canal Du Midi

Canal Du Midi

Our intrepid Harry Rafal delves into the depths of news to bring you the week’s five (actually six, but who’s counting?) stories that you may have missed.

The events that have unfolded in Norway last week rightfully occupied the headlines at the beginning of the week, supplemented as the week progressed with news of the demise of Amy Winehouse, the sluggish growth of the British economy and the stalemate in the US debt crisis, so here are the five news stories you may have missed if you were fretting over whether Continue reading

How Rupert Murdoch changed football for the worse

It looks as though we are not getting away from Rupert Murdoch stories yet. James Garry obeys the old adage “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”. In this article he accuses Murdoch of destroying the game of football with money.  

Last year I promised myself to stop following football. I do not follow football that much as it is. I have not read a newspaper using the Arabic technique (i.e., back-to-front) for many years. I seldom watch football matches on television unless the match promises to elevate itself above mere sport Continue reading

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