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A lavish building fitted with “diversity carpets”? This is how the EU spends your money

The E-Uterus

Last week at a dinner to discuss the a new age of austerity sweeping the EU, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy proudly distributed an all-singing-all-dancing full colour glossy document to excited delegates. But what did it contain? The masterplan to abolish EU sovereign debt in a rigorous yet sustainable manner?  An unprecedented investment in educational standards throughout the Union?  A new directive to ensure apples confirm to a strict circumference?

Despite excessive lobbying by this particular commentator for the latter, it was, unfortunately, none of these things.

Instead, the pamphlet detailed plans for a new home to house the European Council. The proposed Brussels building takes the form a 13-story glass annex containing the principal structure – a colossal pear shaped organ, affectionately known in EU circles as the “E-Uterus”. Continue reading

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