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What the Tottenham riots have shown us

Tottenham Riot

Aftermath of the Tottenham Riot

The police are being criticised for the killing of “gangster” Mark Duggan. Claire Porthouse presents the case that the police were right to shoot Duggan and that the rioters were wrong and unjustified in their actions.

The Tottenham riots have done nothing to protest against the police shooting on Thursday; instead, all the ‘protestors’ have done is to outline, very clearly, why the police are so badly needed in this country. Continue reading

Riotous hyperbole

London Riots

London Riots

Someone from the government should be engaging with the agitators. And those who are just attending the riots for criminality should be dealt with harshly. Harry Raffal offers his take on this week’s biggest story…

With the latest violence being described as horrific by the police, politicians on all sides of the spectrum seizing the opportunity to Continue reading

Taking The Rap – Who Should Be Apologising For Hackgate?

Brooks and Brown

The News of the World phone hacking scandal is engulfing Downing Street and David Cameron is on the rack. But the alleged phone hacking crimes happened under the Labour government’s watch. We should remember who really is to blame for this mess, says Simon Emmett. 

It not be a popular start, but may I say that I think that “Hackgate” is spiraling out of control, and needs to be reigned in. We need to get a sense of perspective into this. At present the investigation is still centered around the records of the private investigator Glenn Mulcaire, and his dealings with the former News Continue reading

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