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Britain has become savage and barbarian. Order must be restored.


This man lost his son because of the barbaric depths Britain has sunk to

Following the riots and some of the aftermath from Berlin cast a perspective that was both troubling and uplifting.

Troubling because the orgiastic delight in wanton destruction on display in London and elsewhere is echoed in the sadistic grins of Nazis tormenting Jews in the photographs in Berlin’s extensive network of Holocaust sites; both, notwithstanding the irony that Hitler’s stormtroopers would have seen themselves as biologically superior to many of 2011’s rioters, remind us of the fragility of our civilisation. Continue reading

The Myth of the Progressive Majority: Why we vote Right not Left

It is often said that in Britain there is a ‘Progressive Majority’ and that if the splitting of votes between left-wing parties did not occur the Conservatives would never win another election. This is an argument though based on lazy generalisations, false assumptions and a plain distortion of facts which, if fully examined, show that the ‘Progressive Majority’ in Britain is a myth.

If we accept the concept held in left-wing circles of the idea of a ‘Progressive Majority’ we can say that it is flawed for any number of reasons. Firstly, it is based on an incorrect view of British political history. For the idea of a ‘Progressive Majority’ to work there must have been points in history where the Conservatives were not in power and the ‘Progressive Majority’ made a visible impact. Continue reading

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