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Time to get rid of pointless qualifications

Mickey Mouse Degrees

Mickey Mouse Degrees

There is a proliferation of strange courses offered to students that do little to further their career prospects. With tuition fees set to rise threefold it is now urgent that universities offer educations that return that value. Ben Wood reports.

Last year 300,000 students sat their A-Levels at colleges and sixth forms across the country. Among the most popular subjects were the traditionally favourable maths, English and sciences, and of course the more excusable lessons which contribute to the Mickey Mouse choices:

Film studies, photography and physical education are all courses that Continue reading

Degree Debt: Is £60K too much?

university cuts

university cuts: like them or lump them

With university fees set to rise to unprecedented amounts, opponents of the fees rise predict unfavourable consequences. However, universities are oversubscribed and many university courses are unnecessary. Could the fees hike see the return of a more concentrated, academic higher education system with dedicated students? Claire Porthouse enquires. 

Reports have emerged in the media stating that university students now face debts of up to £60,000 after the tuition fee hikes. It is hardly news that the debts would rise, nor, really, should it be news that the rise is a Continue reading

Focusing on internships and interviews will not halt the decline in social mobility

The Lib Dems just can’t help themselves. As soon as they see something which they view as ‘unfair’, their first and immediate instinct is to legislate against that perceived ‘injustice’. So, when Nick Clegg notices that the privileged and privately educated offspring of wealthy parents (people like him, as it happens) bag most of the top internships, he immediately rushes out to condemn “the sharp-elbowed and the well-connected” who, apparently, have somehow conspired to destroy the aspirations of the less well-off in society. This, for those of you who tend to change the channel whenever our Deputy Prime Minister hoves into view, is what Mr Clegg had to say about internships: Continue reading

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