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Thugz Mansion – Manchester and the Riots

Manchester riots

A scene from the Manchester riots

Reporting from Manchester, Alex Patnick examines the rioting that has broken out in the North West. 

By now, you may be bored of reading about the riots but I would like to ‘throw in my two cents’ as the Americans say. This site, and most of the press, has been concentrating on the London riots, but what about the rest of the country? There were riots in Birmingham on the last two nights, Manchester and Salford, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton. Continue reading

What the Tottenham riots have shown us

Tottenham Riot

Aftermath of the Tottenham Riot

The police are being criticised for the killing of “gangster” Mark Duggan. Claire Porthouse presents the case that the police were right to shoot Duggan and that the rioters were wrong and unjustified in their actions.

The Tottenham riots have done nothing to protest against the police shooting on Thursday; instead, all the ‘protestors’ have done is to outline, very clearly, why the police are so badly needed in this country. Continue reading

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