What’s Toast About?

Politics on Toast is a right-wing political magazine. Like toast, we have made this magazine to be consumed on a daily basis, perhaps for breakfast and certainly whenever you like. And like toast it is simple and digestible, containing lots of clear articles without jargon or pseudo-intellectualism.

As a magazine that defines itself as “right-wing”, we stand in opposition to left-wing cultural and political domination and aim to incite and rile the opposition. Not only that, but “right-wing” is such a loosely defined term that we are a broad church.

Among our contributors we have libertarians who thinks that people should be allowed to do what they want and social conservatives who think that people ought not always do what they want. We have Thatcherites who believe that leaving the markets alone is best for society and we have authors who argue that free markets inevitably lead to moral decline. We have those who believe that the Tories are the party of the right and those who think that the Tories have made too many concessions to the left.

So, there will be plenty of opportunity for debate and discussion on Politics on Toast. And you – yes, you! – are invited to argue with, or support, us.

Happy reading. Remember to visit us (at least) daily.

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